College Applications – HHS Records Release and Deadline Information

College application deadlines are quickly approaching.  Seniors, we would like to remind you of the following important information: We ask students for at least 15 school days notice when requesting letters of recommendations from teachers/counselors and/or transcripts. Below are target dates by which requests should be made with corresponding application deadlines: Application Deadline:                Request letters/transcripts by: 10/15/2014                                         9/19/2014 11/01/2014                                        10/09/2014 11/15/2014                                        10/24/2014 12/01/2014                                        11/05/2014 12/15/2014                                        11/20/2014 01/01/2015                                        12/03/2014 01/15/2015                                        12/15/2014 02/01/2015                                        01/08/2015 *What Students Need to Give to their Guidance Counselor: Resume (email document to counselor or update Resume in Naviance), Parent/Guardian Brag Sheet  Records Release Form   (Follow guidelines on this form for envelopes when required.  The first transcript request is free.  Any additional request is $4. Please make sure your Naviance account is up-to-date.  Please make sure you move your schools to Colleges I’m Applying To from Colleges I’m Thinking About. The FERPA (Right to Privacy) needs to be signed in order to process Common App schools.  The following is information taken from All applicants complete the FERPA waiver from within their Common App accounts by clicking the Assign Recommenders tab for any college within My Colleges. The FERPA waiver is only completed once and covers all current and future colleges and recommenders.  Once a student invites a recommender, the FERPA selection locks and cannot be changed. For students at Naviance schools: the FERPA section locks as soon as the applicants match their Common App and Naviance accounts.   We will discuss FERPA in detail during Guidance Seminars at the end of September.   *What Students Need to Give to Teachers Writing a Recommendation: Check with individual teachers to find out what  is needed.  Most teachers will be submit letters through Naviance (follow guidelines on Records Release Form for envelopes), Common App link, or USPS (in which case student will provide single-stamped, addressed envelopes for every school to the teacher(s).) *What Students Need to Know about SAT/ACT:  Standardized test results (SAT/ACT), if required, must be requested by the student at the College Board (SAT) website or the ACT website.  If you are unsure about which test results to send, check the Concordance Table and/or speak with your counselor. *What Student-Athletes (Div I and Div II) Need to Know: Division I and Division II student-athletes need to be deemed eligible to participate in collegiate athletics by the NCAA.  Visit NCAA Eligibility Center for more information. All seniors should schedule an individual meeting with their counselor. Please contact your counselor with any questions.