New SAT – Rising Juniors (Class of 2017)

The new SAT will debut in March 2016.  The following information and links to articles may help you determine an appropriate standardized testing schedule. (Please remember everyone is different and what might be right for one student may not be right for another.)

To consider:

  • New SAT debuts in March 2016, but scores will not be available until late May / early June so that the March and May results can be used to develop new scaled scores.
  • Hopefully, individual colleges will have decided whether they will accept the old SAT by summer or fall 2015. Already, many colleges such as Boston College, Harvard, NYU and Ohio State have said they will accept the old scores. Depending on how your fall 2015 schedule is, AND if it looks like most other colleges will also say yes, it might make sense for you to prepare for and take the old SAT in October, November, December 2015 or January 2016. (Check each individual college’s website for updates.)
  • If you have completed Algebra 2, the old SAT might be the test for you.
  • The idea of being done with standardized testing before the new SAT even comes out is very appealing. This strategy makes sense for students who took the PSAT last year and did well. They are ready for the SAT and can do some additional practice over the summer before taking the fall exams.
  • For many students in the class of 2017, taking the ACT* (in the spring of junior year), which is getting minor changes but not a major overhaul, may be the best, least stressful plan. (*ACT does have a Science Reasoning section.)
  • Have a look at the growing list of test optional (don’t require the ACT or SAT) schools in the US to see if any of them are a good fit for you.
  • College Board and the highly respected Khan Academy have joined forces to provide any student with free online tutoring for the new SAT

College Board’s Information on the Redesign:

New SAT Complicates Choices for Rising Juniors:

Will the new SAT be easier than the old?

How will colleges use the redesigned SAT:

ACT Information:

Opinion Piece – 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take New SAT:


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