Seniors – December Updates

College Materials Submission: Guidance completed submission of Q1 grades for those students who applied under an early program or requested grades be sent. If a college sends an email to your child indicating that materials have not been received, please:
1) Consider whether the application was submitted ahead of the deadline. Supporting materials from the school can be submitted up until 11:59pm EST on the day of the deadline.
2) If the deadline has passed and your child is still getting this message, please call Admissions. Often the materials have been received but not downloaded.
Student hasn’t Applied to College? Don’t Panic! Some students have not applied to college yet and that is A-OK! Regular decision deadlines are generally in January, February and March. There is still plenty of time, although in order to write quality letters of recommendation, 15 school days prior to the deadline are required for notice and submission of a records release form to a student’s guidance counselor. Please make an appointment with your counselor.
Admissions Decisions: Students should be updating Naviance with any admissions decisions. Any students without decisions posted in Naviance by the end of semester 1 will have a mid-year grade report submitted to colleges automatically. This information must be put into Naviance in order for a cap and gown to be received, so it makes sense to enter decisions as they come in.
Guidance Beyond the Decision: Relationships with guidance counselors do not end in senior year with the submission of college applications. Please consider utilizing your counselor to discuss the final decision of where to attend if confusion abounds!
Financial Aid / FAFSA/and CSS/Profile: Do not forget to complete the FAFSA. Even if you think you won’t get any aid, it can be a good idea to complete it in the event that job/life situations change. It makes the process easier if the family financial situation changes and the FAFSA is complete. Some schools require additional financial aid forms (CSS/Profile or institutional form.) Check each college’s website for details. Be mindful of financial aid deadlines. If your family’s circumstances change (job loss, etc.), please contact each college’s financial aid office directly. Any family can appeal a financial aid package – contact the financial aid office at each college.
Scholarships: Guidance is in the process of creating a list of scholarships on Naviance for students to access. We emailed the seniors about where to find this list, but in the event they forget (because we know they often do!) the link to the scholarship list is at the bottom of the College tab. There is additional information on how to find scholarships on the guidance website under the posting “Handouts from Financial Aid Night” or under the Seniors heading under Scholarships and Financial Aid.  In addition to these scholarships, local scholarship applications will be made available to students in the spring; a packet of information will be mailed home – further information to follow.
Employment Opportunities: Employment after high school? Please let us know. Sue Stone is the HHS Career Service Coordinator and would be happy to assist in all aspects of the job search.
Technical Schools: Searching for the right school/opportunity to learn a trade? Please let us know as we have upcoming presentations and field trips that might be a good fit.