AFL-CIO Scholarship

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO has an annual scholarship awards program that is available to ALL graduating seniors in high school. The scholarship money available to all winners totals $500,000.

For students with a union affiliation (i.e., children/step children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews of union members), additional scholarships are available to you as outlined in the Massachusetts AFL-CIO scholarship brochure.

Students interested in the AFL-CIO Scholarship must take a labor history exam. Before you stop reading, it is worth taking the test as very few students do! There is a study guide and the test is straightforward: 30 multiple choice questions and 1 essay question with a response of 250-500 words (less than a college essay!). The exam will be administered on Thursday February 2nd, 2017.

If you are still interested, please:

1) Email Mrs. Ross – ASAP to indicate your interest

2) Complete this aflcio-application and return to Mrs. Ross by Monday December 12th