Freshman Guidance Seminars (DSB)

The Guidance Department began its seminars with the 9th grade class. Each counselor meets with their own caseload of students which provides the students with an opportunity to gain a greater comfort level with the counselor as a key resource at HHS.

The caseload breakdowns are based on last name:

  • Elisa Ventriglia……..A through D
  • Marybeth Mont……..E through L
  • Mani Harwich……….M through R
  • Dominique Ross……S through Z

This year we are taking a new approach to our work with the 9th grade students; we are planning to see the 9th graders four times over the next three terms, instead of just two times in one term. Our first two seminars will take place over the next three weeks of December and will be held in two back-to-back sessions during the DSB (Directed Study Block) – for most students December 7th/8th and December 12th/13th. The following two seminars will take place in March and May respectively.

The December seminars will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Counselor
  • How to Make An Appointment with a Guidance Counselor
  • Reasons to Make An Appointment with Guidance
  • Introduction to Guidance Website as a Resource
  • Introduction to Naviance
  • Setting up an account in Naviance
  • Exploring and Practicing Uses of Naviance
  • Learning Style Inventory
  • Study Aids: Apps, Websites and Other Resources

Any handouts for the seminars will be made available on the guidance website: Please follow the guidance department through the website, Twitter or Facebook so you can receive timely messages we post. Attached to this email is a helpful document which provides an overview of what services Guidance offers at HHS.

The link to Naviance is Parents do not have their own log-in, but can use the student log-in.

Suggestion for supporting the learning at home:

  • Ask your student who their guidance counselor is
  • Have your student go to the guidance website and navigate the site together
  • Have your student log in to Naviance with you and explore the tools together
  • Review their results in the Learning Style Inventory (in Naviance) and help your student assess whether their study environment at home is aligned with their learning style. If not, ask your student to suggest what adjustments might make sense.