Sophomore Seminars (DSB)

The Guidance Department will begin its seminars with sophomore students the week of May 22. Each counselor meets with their own caseload of students which provides the students with an opportunity to gain a greater comfort level with the counselor as a key resource at HHS.

The caseload breakdowns are based on last name:

  • Elisa Ventriglia……..A through D
  • Marybeth Mont……..E through L
  • Mani Harwich……….M through R
  • Dominique Ross……S through Z

Sophomore students will have the opportunity to explore various careers based on personal interest. Each student will complete a career interest inventory in Naviance and then use the results to learn about potential careers…  overview, knowledge /skills, tasks, activities, wages, etc. Our hope is for students to continue to learn about themselves and be open to possibilities for the future.