The caseload breakdowns are based on last name: 
Elisa Ventriglia……..A through D
Marybeth Mont……..E through K ….. Plus: Larche, Langmeyer, Lee, Lim, Lombardi, Lotti, Lyons
Mani Harwich………..L through R
Dominique Ross…..S through Z
This year we plan to meet with our 9th graders for 3 meetings – 2 back-to-back meetings this fall, and 1 in late February to discuss course selection and four year plans/goals. Our 9th graders will be divided into 2 groups per counselor caseload. For the fall meetings, the first group, which includes the band/chorus students, will meet this week on Wednesday and Thursday Oct 25th and 26th. The second grouping will have their first set of seminars on November 8th and 9th. There will two back-to-back sessions during the DSB (Directed Study Block). Students will receive a pass to attend seminar the morning of their first seminar meeting. Students are asked to bring their chromebook/laptop to the meetings.
Attendance at guidance seminars is mandatory and attendance will be taken. Students who miss the guidance curriculum will be asked to access our Google Classroom so they can also benefit from the material covered.
The upcoming seminars will cover the following:
  • Your High School Years – review of the transcript and graduation requirements
  • How to Make An Appointment with a Guidance Counselor
  • Reasons to Make An Appointment with Guidance
  • Introduction to Guidance Website as a Resource
  • Signing up for guidance reminders through
  • Setting up an account in Naviance
  • Exploring and Practicing Uses of Naviance – the resumé and the journal
  • Learning Style Inventory – provides self awareness and suggestions based on a student’s individual learning style