We hope you are looking forward to an exciting year. Below is some information from the Program of Studies which might be helpful in the coming weeks.

PRIOR TO THE START OF SCHOOL… Please double check your schedule. If you need to make a change to your schedule (wrong class, wrong level, same course you took in a previous year), please call Guidance to set up an appointment with your counselor.

COURSE CHANGE REQUESTS will be honored within the first five days of the course commencing.  (Add/Drop Period)

LEVEL CHANGE REQUESTS must be initiated no later than the first 10 days of a three term course (some APs) or a semester long course. Such requests should be initiated through the student’s counselor. Any exceptions will be subject to administrative review.

Changes will be honored within the realistic boundaries of class size, time patterns and the student’s overall program. Students must be sure that all school requirements and course prerequisites are met when considering changes to their schedule.