Junior Year

  • Continue to take and plan to take challenging courses
  • Review graduation requirements when you sign up for senior year courses
  • Keep your grades up
  • Join a club
  • Register at HHS / Take PSAT – Fall
  • Register online for SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests – usually Spring
  • Prep for and take the SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests – usually Spring
  • Attend College Mini-Fairs at HHS – Spring
  • Talk with parents and guidance counselor about colleges that interest you
  • Set up appointment with guidance counselor to develop/review college list and ask questions about the application process
  • Attend HHS Guidance Seminars during DSB (Winter/Spring)
  • Continue to visit colleges and talk with college students (online communication with current students is great!)
  • List, compare and visit colleges
  • Update your resume (in Naviance would be helpful)
  • Attend HHS Career Morning for Juniors (Spring)
  • Consider putting together a portfolio that highlights your special skills and talents
  • Volunteer for activities and clubs related to career interests
  • Get a part-time job or internship (school year or summer opportunities – Search online: summer programs HS students)
  • Consider asking one teacher from junior year for a letter of recommendation (You can wait until fall of your senior year, if you are not sure who to ask.)

Helpful Links

SAT / SAT Subject Test Info and Registration: collegeboard.org
ACT Info and Registration: ACTstudent.org
List of schools who deemphasize SAT/ACT: fairtest.org
Financial Aid Information: MEFA.org
College Search: collegeboard.org (Big Future) / Naviance / Google
Common Application: commonapp.org

Senior Year


  • Sign up for SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests
  • Prep for SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests
  • Make a commitment to your academics for the entire year
  • Div I and Div II athletes – Register with NCAA Clearinghouse online
  • Check application deadlines – some are as early as October 15

First Semester

  • Make an appointment with your counselor to review college planning
  • Take SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests
  • Visit colleges / schedule interview, if required
  • Attend HHS Guidance Seminars during DSB (Sept / Oct)
  • Talk with teacher(s) re: recommendation(s) – share list of colleges and deadlines
  • Make sure you have a comprehensive list of schools (reach, middle, safer)
  • Work on applications, including essays and supplements
  • Check websites for Priority Filing deadlines (ex:out of state/merit $)
  • Check Early Action/Decision deadlines – submit applications on time
  • Request transcripts from HHS Guidance 3 weeks prior to deadline
  • File FAFSA/CSS/Profile/other financial aid forms – Available Oct 1st. (Check college websites or MEFA.org for details)
  • Check HHS Guidance website for application timeline / necessary materials (This will be the first post on the home page in the fall.)
  • Check out HHS Guidance website / Apply for scholarships

Second Semester

  • First semester grades will automatically be sent to each college after student review (based on your requests for initial transcripts)
  • Visit colleges that accepted you
  • Check out HHS Guidance website / Apply for local scholarships
  • Compare financial aid packages
  • Make a decision about the right school for you and send deposit by May 1st (Also, Wear Your Future day at HHS)
  • Keep track of and observe deadlines for sending required paperwork and fees
  • Fill out Final Survey in Naviance (right after May 1, if possible)
  • Final transcripts will be sent to the college you enter as the school you will be attending in Naviance using Final Survey