Come explore and see what you can discover about yourself in Naviance.

Freshmen Year: Learning Style Inventory

What type of learner are you? Do you like to listen to music while you study?  Do you like to study at a desk in a nice, quiet space?  Do you learn best when you are on the move and doing something (vs. listening to or seeing something)?  There are ways to improve your academic success based on your learning style.

Sophomore Year: Personality Type & Career Interest Inventory

Do you like going to your chemistry and algebra classes? Learn about the opportunities out there in the fields of math and science by exploring careers in pharmacy, engineering and tax law.  Or perhaps you think you might like to work in a school, but are not sure what you would do besides teach.  Explore careers in administration, school psychology, guidance or nursing.  There are so many careers to explore based on your interests!

Junior Year: Post-Secondary Planning

What college? How do I find the perfect school? How do I stack up? There are so many tools available… scattergrams, comparison charts, data analysis.  There are resume writing tools, checklists and more.

What job opportunities / certificate programs might be available…  find out during seminar.

Senior Year: Managing College Applications

Naviance makes managing the college application process simple.  We ask all students to keep their accounts up-to-date… resumes, college lists and journals.