If students are struggling with the material from a particular class, getting extra help can make a big difference.  Extra help may come from a teacher, friend, parent/guardian or tutor.  The first step is asking for help and/or accepting it when offered.

All 9th grade students complete a Learning Style Inventory in Naviance.  Upon completion, a report is available for review based on student responses to questions about the kind of environment and methods preferred when learning new or difficult material.  People prefer to learn differently from one another. Once preferences are identified, students can be more productive and learn more easily and successfully.  Review the results and try some of the suggested ways to approach learning.

Ways to get help…

DSB (Directed Study Block – 12:12 – 10:53 daily) – At least once each week, students have the opportunity to ask for clarification from a particular teacher during DSB.  (They stay with the teacher they had in class prior to the start of DSB for the entire DSB.)  Students can ask questions based on material covered in class or begin homework and ask questions as they progress.

Before/after school with teachers – Teachers let students know the specific days/times they are available for extra help.  If these do not work for you, please ask the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time to get together.  Teachers often offer review sessions before major assessments.

National Honor Society Tutors – Peer tutors are available through NHS.  If you are interested an NHS tutor, please complete the appropriate form in Guidance and leave it in the box on the counter marked NHS.  The NHS tutors are juniors and seniors who are successful in the classroom and volunteer their time to support their peers.

Paid Tutors – The Guidance Office has an unsolicited list of tutors from the greater community.  Names (and contact information) are available by subject.  Please ask one of the counselors for this information.

Study and Test Taking Tipshttp://www.testtakingtips.com/

If you have any questions, please contact your counselor.