(Taken from the Program of Studies)

All students must earn 26 credits for graduation. All students must meet the following minimum requirements:

Prescribed Credits:

• English (4.5 credits): to include (1) semester core credit each year and (.5) Essay Writing credit by the end of sophomore year

• Fine and Performing Arts (1 credit)

• Foreign Languages (2 credits): defined as (2) credits of core course work in the same Foreign Language (a waiver procedure for extenuating circumstances is available, information may be obtained through the Principal’s Office)

• Mathematics (4 credits): To include (1) credit junior or senior year

• Science (4 credits): To include (.5) Foundations of 21st Century Learning credit during the Freshman year (beginning with the class of 2011) and (1) credit sophomore, junior and/or senior year

• Social Studies (4 credits): Suggested sequence of courses: United States History I, United States History II or Advanced Placement United States History; Modern World History or Advanced Placement European History, junior and/or senior elective offerings.

• Wellness (2 credits): (.5) credit must be taken each academic year.

Core courses are defined as those taught by Holliston High School faculty members within the prescribed sequence of courses within each department. Outside classes or other off-site classes, are not counted as core classes unless the student is a junior or senior students in need of credit retrieval, and, ONLY following advanced endorsement from the building principal.

In addition to the prescribed credits listed above, all students must pass the required sections of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) in order to receive a Holliston High School Diploma.

Seniors must earn a minimum of 5 credits during their senior year with at least 2.5 of those credits earned during the second semester.

Please refer to the Program of Studies for full details.