Students meet with their counselor in small groups each year.  Senior seminars take place first term, freshmen meet second term, juniors during third term and sophomores during fourth term.  These seminars are designed to meet the developmental needs of high school students and offer the opportunity for students to engage in self-reflection as they embrace current challenges and prepare for the future.
Freshmen Seminars
Entering high school can be both exciting and challenging.  Freshmen seminars allow students and counselors the opportunity to get to know one another and talk about life at the high school.  Students will establish accounts in Naviance and begin using different features including the resume.  Students will complete a Learning Style Inventory (Naviance) which will help them to better understand who they are as learners.  Our hope is that students will feel empowered and be able to participate fully in their high school experience.
Sophomore Seminars
Sophomores meet with counselors during the final months of school.  Again, time spent in seminars helps build strong relationships between students and counselors.  Sophomore seminars are devoted to career exploration.  Students will complete Do What You Are in Naviance to explore personality type, career interest and potential college selection.  In addition, students examine their academic and extracurricular participation and progress, along with their strengths and weaknesses in order to make the most of their remaining two years of high school.
Junior Seminars
Junior Seminars are carefully crafted to help students evaluate their post-secondary plans with an emphasis placed on college planning.  Students will review college entrance requirements and receive help developing a comprehensive list of schools based on their individual interests.  Additional topics covered include: Standardized Testing, Writing the Essay, Types of Applications (Early, Regular, etc.), Interview Techniques, Recommendations, Resume, Managing Stress, as well as the Common Application.
Senior Seminars
During first term, seniors will meet with counselors to review their post-secondary plans.  Students who are planning on attending college will review what is required to ensure that materials are sent to schools in a timely manner.  (Students, counselors and teachers all have different responsibilities.)  Counselors will work with students who hope to pursue a Gap Year, PG Program or work in order to help them develop options and finalize post-secondary plans.