Below is information about financial aid as well as national and local scholarships.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

FAFSA – Electronically submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All students interested in financial aid for college (public or private) will need to complete this form every year (usually in January.)  Free assistance filling out the FAFSA:

Signature required for FAFSA:

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE – The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE is an application distributed by the College Board.   Information collected on PROFILE  helps colleges, universities and scholarship programs to award nonfederal student aid funds.  Click to view the list of colleges, universities, and scholarship programs that will use the PROFILE in addition to the FAFSA this year.

MEFA – Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) provides information for families about applying for financial aid and paying for college. MEFA provides more than 300 college financing seminars across the Commonwealth and their counselors are able to answer questions for families about financial aid, the process of applying for aid and comparing financial aid packages.

Quick Guide to Financial Aid Terms


Koplik Certificate of Mastery – The Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery Tuition Waiver (for Massachusetts state universities and colleges) awards non-need-based state-supported undergraduate tuition waivers to students who are awarded the Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery by the Department of Education.   To qualify as a Candidate for the Certificate of Mastery, a student must score “Advanced” on at least one grade 10 MCAS test subject, and score “Proficient” on the remaining sections of the grade 10 MCAS.  Click here for Koplik Application.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program – The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship awards non-need-based state-supported undergraduate tuition waivers (at Massachusetts state universities and colleges) to students who are awarded John and Abigail Adams Scholarship by the Department of Education.  Eligible students have a combined MCAS score that ranks in the top 25% in their school district.


Scholarship Descriptions 2016 (6) – The Guidance Department regularly updates this listing so check often!

Local Scholarship Common Application – A copy of this application will be mailed home to every HHS senior, usually in mid-March.  We will post it when it becomes available.

New England Scholarships 

New England Regional Student Program (RSP) – enables thousands of New England residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at a discount.  Students are eligible for the RSP Tuition Break when they enroll in an approved major that is not offered by the public colleges and universities in Massachusetts.



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